KSEA – Shifting Tides: Rising Need for Investments and Engagement in the Blue Economy

By Rockefeller Asset Management

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KraneShares recently partnered with Rockefeller Asset Management (Rockefeller) to launch the KraneShares Rockefeller Ocean Engagement ETF (ticker: KSEA). Rockefeller has over a quarter of a century of experience in thematic investing. In recent years, they have turned their focus to the ocean: the world’s largest ecosystem and seventh-largest economy.1 Rockefeller believes that the “Blue Economy” is an emerging investment opportunity due to increased regulations, changes in consumer buying preferences, and technological advancements. Through their decade-long partnership with The Ocean Foundation, Rockefeller has created a framework to identify and gain relevant exposure to blue economy investment opportunities while also seeking to catalyze positive impact through engagement. By partnering with KraneShares, they have applied this framework to KSEA, one of KraneShares’ latest ETFs.

This paper dives deeper into Rockefeller’s investment framework, the ocean investment opportunity, and the main investment themes within KSEA: pollution prevention, carbon transition, and ocean conservation. Rockefeller believes these sectors and sub-sectors enable investors to access companies that have the capacity to improve materially to catalyze positive change for our oceans.

For KSEA standard performance, top 10 holdings, risks, and other fund information, please click here.


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