­KraneShares Remembers
Dr. Henry A. Kissinger

With profound respect and deep sorrow, we at KraneShares mourn the passing of Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, our 56th Secretary of State, venerable centenarian, and esteemed scholar of international relations.

As a firm deeply invested in the economic landscape of China, KraneShares acknowledges the impact of Dr. Kissinger's legacy on our approach and strategy. Dr. Kissinger's groundbreaking work in establishing and nurturing diplomatic relations between the United States and China has inspired our firm. His foresight in recognizing the importance of engaging with China has, in many ways, paved the path for organizations like ours to explore and invest in the Chinese market.

When we met Dr. Kissinger in December 2018, his reflections on the nuances of U.S.-China relations, drawn from his decades of experience and recent dialogues with the Presidents of both nations, provided us with a deeper appreciation of the delicacy and complexity of maintaining global relations at the highest level.

Dr. Kissinger's emphasis on cautious diplomacy and effective communication has inspired our daily mission at KraneShares to establish greater interconnection between the U.S. and China.

We are deeply grateful for Dr. Kissinger's invaluable contributions and are committed to continuing our work at KraneShares in line with the mission that he championed.