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B.A.T: (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent)

An Overview of the Big Three Chinese Internet and E-Commerce Companies

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KWEB invests in variable-interest entities (VIEs), which are investments in foreign-domiciled American Depository Receipts (ADRs). Rather than owning Chinese-domiciled entities, the VIEs have contractual arrangements designed to provide the economic benefits related to certain Chinese-domiciled companies. The structure of VIEs presents some unique risks that should be considered.

VIE structures do not give investors ownership in the operating company, as stock does. With a VIE, an investor has no direct claim on the core, restricted business assets of the VIE operating company. As a result, investors may not exert as much influence over the subject company as they could if they were owners of common stock. Often, the voting rights in the VIE operating company, especially in matters of corporate governance, are controlled by the principals who established the VIE operating company.

In addition, there is no guarantee as to the enforceability of the VIE structure, as it has never received explicit approval from the Chinese government and is recognized as a structure put in place principally to work around Chinese restrictions on foreign investment.