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KraneShares Bosera MSCI China A ETF

Investment Strategy:

KBA tracks the MSCI China A International Index: a free-float adjusted market capitalization weighted index that is designed to track the equity market performance of large-cap and mid-cap Chinese securities listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. The Index is based on the concept of the integrated MSCI China equity universe with mainland Chinese securities included.

KBA provides:

  • Access to the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges - which are traditionally not available to US investors - via the RQFII program
  • KBA's holdings represent the mainland Chinese equities scheduled for inclusion into broad MSCI emerging markets indices
    • With $1.3 trillion benchmarked to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index1, full inclusion of mainland Chinese equities could see significant flows into the securities KBA owns today
  • Low price to earnings ratios relative to MSCI USA, MSCI Japan and MSCI Euro
  • Co-managed by Bosera Asset Management; headquartered in Shenzhen, $32 billion in AUM, one of the largest Chinese asset managers by assets2

1.) There is $1.3 trillion benchmarked to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index as of March 31 2014, as reported June 2014, by eVestment, Lipper and Bloomberg.

2.) Source: Bosera March 2014

Performance History

Data as of month end: 01/31/2015 Total Annual Fund Operating Expense (Gross): 1.10% Total Annual Fund Operating Expense (Net): 0.85%*
Cumulative Annualized Cumulative Calendar QTR
1 Mo 3 Mo 6 Mo Since Inception
1 Yr Since Inception
1 Yr Since Inception
Fund Nav -3.81% 26.86% 38.11% 50.03% 55.97%
Closing Price -6.86% 22.00% 34.15% 45.82% 56.57%
Index -1.93% 29.13% 40.77% 56.83% 61.39%

The Hybrid KBA Index (noted as "Index" above in the chart) consists of the MSCI China A Index from the inception of the Fund through October 23, 2014, and the MSCI China A International Index going forward.

Cumulative return is the aggregate amount that an investment has gained or lost over time. Annualized Return is the average return gained or lost by an investment each year over a given time period.

The performance data quoted represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor's shares, when sold or redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost and current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted.

ETF shares are not redeemable with the issuing fund other than in large Creation Unit aggregations. Instead, investors must buy or sell ETF Shares in the secondary market with the assistance of a stockbroker. In doing so, the investor may incur brokerage commissions and may pay more than net asset value when buying and receive less than net asset value when selling. The NAV of the Fund’s shares is calculated each day the national securities exchanges are open for trading as of the close of regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”), normally 4:00 p.m. Eastern time (the “NAV Calculation Time”). Shares are bought and sold at market price (closing price) not NAV. Market price returns are based on the midpoint of the bid/ask spread at 4:00 pm Eastern Time (when NAV is normally determined).

An active secondary market for the Fund’s shares may not exist. Although the Fund’s shares will be listed on an exchange, subject to notice of issuance, it is possible that an active trading market may not develop or be maintained. There is no guarantee that distributions will be paid.

Fund Prices

Data as of 02/27/2015
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Net Asset Value$46.63
Daily Change 0.02%
Closing Price $46.67
Daily Change0.24%

Fund Details

Data as of 02/27/2015
Primary ExchangeNYSE
Net Assets$23,315,785
Total Annual Fund Operating Expense (Gross) 1.10%
Total Annual Fund Operating Expense (Net) 0.85%*
Inception Date3/4/2014
Distribution FrequencyAnnual
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Sector Breakdown

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Data as of 02/27/2015

Market Cap Breakdown

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Data as of 02/27/2015
Data provided by ETF Research Center

*Effective July 10, 2014, KraneShares has contractually agreed to reduce its management fee from exceeding 0.85% of the Fund’s average daily net assets until July 31, 2015. In the absence of current fee waivers, performance would be reduced.

Top 10 Holdings

Data as of 02/27/2015
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RankCompany Name% of Net AssetsTickerShares HeldMarket Value($)
2.044601318 C42,507476,488
1.842600036 C183,202429,544
1.765600030 C87,375411,539
1.648601166 C169,201384,302
1.647600000 C165,658383,918
1.591601288 C696,390370,987
1.52600016 C240,724354,390
1.473601398 C469,994343,335
1.45601328 C348,581338,040
1.326600519 C10,142309,051

Holdings are subject to change.

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Premium Discount Chart

Data as of 02/27/2015

Historical Data

Quarter Ending: 03/31/2015 NAV & Midpoint are calculated at 4:00pm ET
Days between 0% & +0.5%35.9%
# Of Days between 0% & +0.5%14
Days between -0.5% & 0%28.21%
# Of Days between -0.5% & 0%11
# of Days at:Premium23

ETF shares are not redeemable with the issuing fund other than in large Creation Unit aggregations. Instead, investors must buy or sell ETF Shares in the secondary market with the assistance of a stockbroker. In doing so, the investor may incur brokerage commissions and may pay more than net asset value when buying and receive less than net asset value when selling. The NAV of the Fund’s shares is calculated each day the national securities exchanges are open for trading as of the close of regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”), normally 4:00 p.m. Eastern time (the “NAV Calculation Time”). Shares are bought and sold at market price (closing price) not NAV. Market price returns are based on the midpoint of the bid/ask spread at 4:00 pm Eastern Time (when NAV is normally determined). Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

An active secondary market for the Fund’s shares may not exist. Although the Fund’s shares will be listed on an exchange, subject to notice of issuance, it is possible that an active trading market may not develop or be maintained. There is no guarantee that distributions will be paid.

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Fund Holdings

Data as of 02/27/2015
Rank% of Net AssetsName TickerShares HeldMarket Value($)
12.044PING AN INSURANCE GROUP C601318 C42,507476,488
21.842CHINA MERCHANTS BANK-A600036 C183,202429,544
31.765CITIC SECURITIES CO-A600030 C87,375411,538
41.648INDUSTRIAL BANK CO LTD -A601166 C169,201384,302
51.647SHANGHAI PUDONG DEVEL BAN600000 C165,658383,917
61.591AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHIN601288 C696,390370,987
71.52CHINA MINSHENG BANKING-A600016 C240,724354,389
81.473IND & COMM BK OF CHINA-A601398 C469,994343,334
91.45BANK OF COMMUNICATIONS CO601328 C348,581338,039
101.326KWEICHOW MOUTAI CO LTD-A600519 C10,142309,051
111.314CHINA PACIFIC INSURANCE G601601 C55,831306,422
121.186SHENWAN HONGYUAN GROUP CO110,000276,508
131.168CHINA STATE CONSTRUCTION601668 C266,425272,391
141.106CHINA LIFE INSURANCE CO-A601628 C43,150257,815
151.088SAIC MOTOR CORPORATION LT600104 C65,278253,632
161.07HAITONG SECURITIES CO LTD600837 C71,865249,422
170.994CHINA EVERBRIGHT BANK CO-601818 C353,549231,767
180.971PING AN BANK CO LTD-A000001 C101,463226,404
190.964DAQIN RAILWAY CO LTD -A601006 C132,030224,696
200.891CHINA RAILWAY GROUP LTD-A601390 C151,796207,734
210.875CHINESE YUAN RENMINBI1,279,754204,120
220.867CSR CORP LTD -A601766 C104,607202,219
230.85GF SECURITIES CO LTD-A000776 C52,568198,211
240.838CHINA YANGTZE POWER CO LT600900 C122,112195,352
250.818CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIE600999 C42,984190,663
260.806MIDEA GROUP CO LTD-A000333 C37,440187,868
270.799CHINA CNR CORP LTD-A601299 C90,981186,327
280.795CHINA SHIPBUILDING INDUST601989 C129,743185,418
290.782HUATAI SECURITIES CO LTD-601688 C49,733182,286
300.751CHINA VANKE CO LTD -A000002 C86,145175,186
310.749PETROCHINA CO LTD-A601857 C95,867174,620
320.728CHINA UNITED NETWORK-A600050 C188,244169,640
330.722HANGZHOU HIKVISION DIGITA002415 C35,676168,319
340.71CHINA RAILWAY CONSTRUCTIO601186 C75,940165,576
350.683CHINA SHENHUA ENERGY CO-A601088 C53,700159,311
360.67BANK OF BEIJING CO LTD -A601169 C93,783156,165
370.663POLY REAL ESTATE GROUP CO600048 C95,087154,545
380.661FOUNDER SECURITIES CO LTD601901 C73,108154,038
390.65HUAXIA BANK CO LTD-A600015 C79,081151,613
400.584CHINA PETROLEUM & CHEMICA600028 C135,110136,196
410.553BOE TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO L000725 C255,600128,827
420.535INNER MONGOLIA YILI INDUS600887 C27,700124,768
430.533SUNING COMMERCE GROUP CO002024 C66,700124,259
440.522EVERBRIGHT SECURITIE CO -601788 C30,900121,735
450.508INNER MONGOLIAN BAOTOU ST600010 C144,600118,547
460.502ANHUI CONCH CEMENT CO LTD600585 C36,100117,058
470.502WULIANGYE YIBIN CO LTD-A000858 C34,300116,966
480.501CHONGQING CHANGAN AUTOMOB000625 C34,000116,702
490.497BANK OF CHINA LTD-A601988 C176,900115,965
500.48SINOHYDRO GROUP LTD-A601669 C86,700112,011
510.462INDUSTRIAL SECURITIES CO-601377 C47,000107,799
520.454NEW CHINA LIFE INSURANCE601336 C12,600105,790
530.453BAOSHAN IRON & STEEL CO-A600019 C99,200105,693
540.443HENAN SHUANGHUI INVESTMEN000895 C19,900103,188
550.438SDIC POWER HOLDINGS CO LT600886 C61,300102,173
560.436AVIC AIRCRAFT CO LTD-A000768 C23,568101,608
570.43CHANGJIANG SECURITIES CO000783 C42,800100,146
580.414GUOYUAN SECURITIES CO LTD000728 C17,70096,551
590.411GD POWER DEVELOPMENT CO -600795 C155,70095,859
600.401SANY HEAVY INDUSTRY CO LT600031 C68,80093,494
610.4YUNNAN BAIYAO GROUP CO LT000538 C9,40093,376
620.4BYD CO LTD -A002594 C11,55293,195
630.399GREAT WALL MOTOR CO LTD-A601633 C11,89692,935
640.388CHINA FORTUNE LAND DEVELO600340 C11,74890,542
650.385INNER MONGOLIA BAOTOU STE600111 C21,90089,736
660.381METALLURGICAL CORP OF CHI601618 C120,18088,942
670.376QINGDAO HAIER CO LTD-A600690 C26,90887,724
680.369JIANGSU HENGRUI MEDICINE600276 C13,35785,984
690.364SHENZHEN OVERSEAS CHINESE000069 C67,57784,934
700.357JIANGSU YANGHE BREWERY -A002304 C6,50083,333
710.356CHINA CITIC BANK CORP LTD601998 C76,90083,037
720.351ZTE CORP-A000063 C24,93781,776
730.342SOOCHOW SECURITIES CO LTD601555 C23,97879,817
740.341ZIJIN MINING GROUP CO LTD601899 C140,35179,470
750.339OCEANWIDE HOLDINGS CO A000046 C35,23579,016
760.337CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK-A601939 C86,70078,684
770.332SOUTHWEST SECURITIES CO L600369 C25,06777,444
780.33SINOLINK SECURITIES CO LT600109 C22,98576,988
790.327HUANENG POWER INTL INC-A600011 C62,16676,349
800.323XI AN AERO-ENGINE PLC -A600893 C14,42275,312
810.322CHINA MERCHANTS PROPERTY000024 C18,35975,051
820.308SUZHOU GOLD MANTIS CONSTR002081 C15,65071,739
830.307CHINA CSSC HOLDINGS LTD-A600150 C12,23971,642
850.302KANGMEI PHARMACEUTICAL CO600518 C19,52670,478
860.301TCL CORP-A000100 C87,76070,268
870.299CHINA INTERNATIONAL TRAVE601888 C8,67069,765
880.29BANK OF NINGBO CO LTD -A002142 C28,86167,668
890.289HUAYU AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS600741 C22,94167,327
900.288CHINA COSCO HOLDINGS601919 C67,81167,058
910.287WANHUA CHEMICAL GROUP CO600309 C19,20367,015
920.286BESTV NEW MEDIA CO LTD-A600637 C9,89166,780
930.282SHANGHAI ORIENTAL PEARL-A600832 C28,29765,804
940.279YONYOU SOFTWARE CO LTD-A600588 C10,22364,945
950.278SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL PO600018 C60,62664,787
960.276TASLY PHARMACEUTICAL GROU600535 C9,17364,405
970.276GOERTEK INC -A002241 C13,55664,324
980.273AIR CHINA LTD-A601111 C50,45563,575
990.273SHANGHAI RAAS BLOOD PRO002252 C7,50063,640
1000.271GUANGHUI ENERGY CO LTD-A600256 C46,37163,237
1010.266PACIFIC SECURITIES CO/THE601099 C31,35461,961
1020.263SHANGHAI FOSUN PHARMACEUT600196 C16,94861,227
1030.263SICHUAN CHUANTOU ENERGY C600674 C18,35061,316
1040.262ALUMINUM CORP OF CHINA LT601600 C70,90361,181
1050.26OFFSHORE OIL ENGINEERING-600583 C39,26560,686
1060.257GEMDALE CORP-A600383 C39,71159,982
1070.256CHINA AVIC ELECTRONICS CO600372 C13,01959,575
1080.253DHC SOFTWARE CO LTD -A002065 C13,41059,076
1090.253CHINA NATIONAL CHEMICAL-A601117 C43,80958,904
1100.253SHANGHAI CONSTRUCTION CO-600170 C35,35759,101
1110.251SANAN OPTOELECTRONICS CO600703 C21,25358,441
1120.249WUHAN IRON & STEEL CO LTD600005 C93,73158,155
1130.247WEICHAI POWER CO LTD-A000338 C13,44257,652
1140.247SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL AI600009 C17,11357,592
1150.245ZHEJIANG CHINA COMMODITIE600415 C24,17057,094
1160.244XINHU ZHONGBAO CO LTD-A600208 C47,55956,892
1170.241SEARAINBOW HLDG CORP CO-A000503 C8,34156,248
1180.241NARI TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPME600406 C21,57156,115
1190.241SHANGHAI LUJIAZUI FIN&TRA600663 C10,05156,093
1200.24TBEA CO LTD-A600089 C28,77555,947
1210.24CHINA OILFIELD SERVICES-A601808 C18,30456,054
1220.239ZOOMLION HEAVY INDUSTRY S000157 C55,73555,649
1230.238HEBEI IRON & STEEL CO LTD000709 C98,68955,565
1240.238CHINA SPACESAT CO LTD -A600118 C10,95955,567
1250.237AVIC INVESTMENT HOLDINGS600705 C16,57555,174
1260.235BANK OF NANJING CO LTD -A601009 C26,36754,840
1270.235WESTERN SECURITIES CO LTD002673 C9,30054,883
1280.235INNER MONGOLIA JUNZHENG601216 C18,94054,739
1290.235CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES CO600115 C62,76654,761
1300.234SHANXI SECURITIES CO LTD-002500 C23,40054,566
1310.232DR PENG TELCOM & MEDIA GR600804 C12,94154,141
1320.231HAINAN AIRLINES CO-A600221 C104,90753,879
1330.23ZHEJIANG LONGSHENG GROUP600352 C13,58753,527
1340.228JIANGXI COPPER CO LTD-A600362 C18,43053,118
1350.225ZHENGZHOU YUTONG BUS CO -600066 C11,80052,359
1360.224AISINO CO LTD-A600271 C8,20152,322
1370.223QINGHAI SALT LAKE INDUSTR000792 C12,32051,916
1380.221CHINA SHIPPING CONTAINER-601866 C73,68451,476
1390.221CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINES C600029 C62,36751,627
1400.221SHANDONG GOLD MINING CO L600547 C12,63851,643
1410.219HUADIAN POWER INTL CORP-A600027 C54,88951,127
1420.219NORTHEAST SECURITIES CO L000686 C18,17451,162
1430.218CHINA FIRST HEAVY INDUSTR601106 C60,70050,731
1440.218SHANGHAI PHARMACEUTICALS-601607 C17,91150,793
1450.213JIANGSU KANGDE XIN A002450 C8,72349,725
1460.212SHENERGY COMPANY LIMITED-600642 C42,31249,333
1470.211TSINGHUA TONGFANG CO LTD-600100 C20,41349,098
1480.21SEALAND SECURITIES CO LTD000750 C17,91648,950
1490.21CHINA MINMETALS RARE EART000831 C9,09148,966
1500.207ZHONGJIN GOLD CORP-A600489 C26,13848,193
1510.206DONGFANG ELECTRIC CORP LT600875 C15,43847,942
1520.206GUANGZHOU BAIYUNSHAN PHAR600332 C9,65648,052
1530.206ZHEJIANG DAHUA TECHNOLOGY002236 C10,83847,918
1540.205LIAONING CHENG DA CO LTD-600739 C13,31147,854
1550.205XINJIANG GOLDWIND SCI&TEC002202 C20,40747,879
1560.204ANHUI USTC IFLYTEK CI -A002230 C7,46447,501
1570.203GUANGDONG GOLDEN DRAGON000712 C8,30047,380
1580.2LUXSHARE PRECISION INDUST002475 C7,70046,681
1590.199PEOPLE.CN CO LTD-A603000 C5,10946,309
1600.198YANTAI JEREH OILFIELD-A002353 C8,52546,163
1610.197TIANJIN PORT CO LTD-A600717 C15,60045,882
1620.194FINANCIAL STREET HOLDINGS000402 C28,12745,266
1630.194RISESUN REAL ESTATE DEVEL002146 C17,66345,244
1640.191FAW CAR COMPANY LIMITED-A000800 C15,07244,641
1650.191NINGBO PORT CO LTD-A601018 C59,48644,593
1660.19YONGHUI SUPERSTORES CO LT601933 C30,24344,282
1670.19CHINA XD ELECTRIC CO LTD-601179 C39,70044,198
1680.19TONGLING NONFERROUS METAL000630 C17,79244,270
1690.189FUYAO GROUP GLASS INDUSTR600660 C18,55744,071
1700.188BEIJING TONGRENTANG CO-A600085 C12,19443,838
1710.187BEIJING URBAN CONSTRUCTIO600266 C14,60043,569
1720.186JILIN AODONG MEDICINE IND000623 C8,33343,408
1730.185BEIJING DABEINONG TECHNOL002385 C15,19143,128
1740.184SINOPEC SHANGHAI PETROCHE600688 C56,51642,908
1750.184XIAMEN C & D INC-A600153 C26,37742,828
1760.184BEIJING CAPITAL CO LTD-A600008 C21,51742,830
1770.184HUNAN TV & BROADCAST INT-000917 C13,18842,826
1780.183CHINA COAL ENERGY CO-A601898 C42,55642,558
1790.182LUZHOU LAOJIAO CO LTD-A000568 C13,06142,414
1800.182CHINA HAINAN RUBBER INDUS601118 C30,48242,444
1810.181SHENZHEN ENERGY GROUP CO000027 C24,60042,179
1820.18ANGANG STEEL CO LTD-A47,60041,908
1840.179SHANXI TAIGANG STAINLESS-000825 C52,90141,850
1850.178YOUNGOR GROUP CO-A600177 C20,66641,532
1860.177TSINGTAO BREWERY CO LTD-A600600 C6,47141,346
1870.177XCMG CONSTRUCTION MACHIN-000425 C19,16741,271
1880.177CHINA SOUTH PUBLISHING -A601098 C13,93341,379
1890.176ZHEJIANG CHINT ELECTRICS-601877 C7,83440,971
1900.174CHINA MERCHANTS ENERGY -A43,90040,471
1910.174NEW HOPE LIUHE CO LTD-A000876 C16,17140,623
1920.173HUAWEN MEDIA INVESTMENT -000793 C17,06340,414
1930.172PANGANG GROUP VANADIUM TI000629 C79,78540,213
1940.172JINDUICHENG MOLYBDENUM CO601958 C25,01040,010
1950.171YINGKOU PORT LIABILITY CO50,10039,874
1960.171JOINTOWN PHARMACEUTICAL-A600998 C10,20039,891
1970.17XIAMEN TUNGSTEN CO LTD-A600549 C7,74539,703
1980.169WANXIANG QIANCHAO CO LTD-000559 C17,80039,491
1990.169TIANJIN ZHONGHUAN SEMICON002129 C9,70639,414
2000.168HISENSE ELECTRIC CO LTD-A600060 C12,18939,271
2010.166SHANGHAI FRIENDSHIP GROUP600827 C14,31738,729
2020.166NEUSOFT CORP-A600718 C11,44238,653
2030.164JIANGSU PHOENIX PUBLISH-A601928 C19,66038,130
2040.163SICHUAN KELUN PHARMACEUTI002422 C6,71538,086
2050.162SHANGHAI JAHWA UNITED CO600315 C6,22837,827
2060.16WEIFU HIGH-TECHNOLOGY GRP000581 C7,84837,277
2070.159SHANDONG DONG-E E-JIAO-A000423 C6,09437,120
2080.158JIHUA GROUP CORP LTD-A601718 C35,80036,944
2090.157XJ ELECTRIC CO LTD-A000400 C9,34136,606
2100.157GUANGSHEN RAILWAY CO LTD-601333 C52,52136,607
2110.157CHINA INTL MARINE CONTAIN000039 C11,44936,595
2120.155SHANGHAI TUNNEL ENGINEERI600820 C26,10036,175
2130.154INSPUR ELECTRONIC INFO0009774,50035,887
2140.154SHANXI XISHAN COAL & ELEC000983 C29,25435,834
2150.153SHANXI LU'AN ENVIRONMENTA601699 C21,40235,740
2160.152SICHUAN CHANGHONG ELECTRI600839 C42,90035,375
2170.152CHINA RESOURCES SANJIU ME000999 C9,08735,495
2180.151GUANGZHOU HAIGE COMMUNICA002465 C9,30035,155
2190.151BEIJING YANJING BREWERY C000729 C26,12935,132
2200.15INNER MONGOLIA MENGDIAN H600863 C54,00034,882
2210.15SHENZHEN O-FILM TECH CO-A002456 C9,58234,952
2220.15ZHE JIANG DAILY MEDIA GRP11,00034,896
2230.149SOUND ENVIRONMENTAL RESOU000826 C7,83434,836
2240.149HAFEI AVIATION INDUSTRY C600038 C4,60034,770
2250.149MEIHUA HOLDINGS GROUP CO600873 C28,89834,753
2260.149JIANGXI HONGDU AVIATION-A600316 C6,70034,837
2270.148BBMG CORPORATION-A601992 C22,40034,406
2290.147CHENGDU XINGRONG INVESTME000598 C27,75334,350
2300.146HUADONG MEDICINE CO LTD-A000963 C3,99333,990
2310.146LUXIN VENTURE CAPITAL GRP600783 C6,95933,986
2320.146SHENZHEN AGRICULTURAL PRO000061 C15,79934,044
2330.145GLODON SOTWARE CO LTD-A002410 C6,97433,737
2340.145CHINA BAOAN GROUP-A000009 C14,00033,852
2350.144HENAN PINGGAO ELECTRIC CO600312 C10,60033,594
2360.142AVIC AERO-ENGINE CONTROLS00738 CH10,60033,019
2370.142CHINA CAMC ENGINEERING CO002051 C7,20033,165
2380.14BRIGHT DAIRY & FOOD CO LT600597 C11,33632,563
2390.14CMST DEVELOPMENT CO LTD-A600787 C17,30032,615
2400.139YUNNAN TIN CO LTD-A000960 C10,70032,358
2410.139SHENZHEN ZHONGJIN LINGNAN000060 C19,20032,369
2420.137SINOCHEM INTL CORP-A600500 C19,40031,840
2430.137BEIJING JINGNENG POWER600578CH35,70031,830
2450.137PANG DA AUTOMOBILE TRADE601258 C30,10031,974
2460.134WESTERN MINING CO -A601168 C22,10031,266
2470.134ZHEJIANG YASHA DECORATION002375 C8,22431,232
2480.132SHENZHEN SALUBRIS PHARM-A002294 C5,09530,840
2490.132TONGFANG GUOXIN ELEC002049 C5,60030,842
2500.131YANGQUAN COAL INDUSTRY GR600348 C22,29230,435
2510.131GUIZHOU BAILING GROUP02424 CH4,40030,458
2520.13JIANGLING MOTORS CORP LTD000550 C4,80030,401
2530.13XINXING DUCTILE IRON PIPE000778 C33,80030,244
2540.13HUALAN BIOLOGICAL ENGINEE002007 C5,36130,372
2550.128YUAN LONGPING HIGH-TECH A000998 C9,30029,904
2560.128JISHI MEDIA CO LTD-A601929 C13,60029,891
2570.127PENGXIN INTERNATIONAL MIN600490 C13,70029,499
2580.127NAVINFO CO LTD-A002405 C6,40029,603
2590.126BEIJING ORIENT LANDSCAPE-002310 C9,33329,400
2600.126SHANGHAI WAIGAOQIAO FTZ600648 C5,80029,418
2610.126BEIJING ZHONGKE SANHUAN H000970 C9,90029,370
2620.126NORTH NAVIGATION CONTROL600435 C6,90029,274
2640.125ANHUI ZHONGDING SEALING P000887 C10,40029,244
2650.124BEIJING GEHUA CATV NETWOR600037 C9,90028,943
2660.124HAINING CHINA LEATHER MAR002344 C10,44528,821
2670.124BOHAI LEASING CO LTD -A000415 C13,77528,957
2680.123BEIJING SL PHARMACEUTICAL002038 C4,23428,640
2690.122HANS LASER TECH IND A002008 C9,80028,432
2700.121JINLIN JI EN NICKEL INDUS600432 C12,40028,282
2710.12FANGDA CARBON NEW MATERIA600516 C16,00027,995
2720.12YUNNAN CHIHONG ZINC & GER600497 C15,46128,063
2730.12CHINA AEROSPACE TIMES ELE600879 C9,70028,065
2740.12GUANGXI WUZHOU ZHONGHENG600252 C10,71528,079
2760.12SHENZHEN HEPALINK6,20028,045
2770.119HARBIN PHARMACEUTICAL GRP600664 C17,80027,652
2780.118SHIJIAZHUANG YILING PHARM002603 C5,20027,594
2790.117GUANGDONG GUANHAO HIGH-TE600433 C11,07327,375
2800.116FIBERHOME TELECOM TECH CO600498 C8,96527,139
2810.115GANSU YASHENG INDUSTRIAL-600108 C18,05526,810
2820.114BEIQI FOTON MOTOR CO LTD-600166 C26,10026,601
2830.114AVIC HEAVY MACHINERY CO L600765 C7,20026,516
2840.113ANHUI JIANGHUAI AUTO CO-A600418 C11,40026,383
2850.113KINGFA SCI.& TECH CO LTD-600143 C23,77526,430
2860.113TONGHUA DONGBAO PHARMACEU600867 C9,58126,253
2870.113JIZHONG ENERGY RESOURCES-000937 C21,03626,405
2890.113GUANGDONG ADVERTISING CO-002400 C5,40026,450
2900.112GRG BANKING EQUIPMENT CO002152 C7,40026,143
2910.112SHANXI XINGHUACUN FEN WIN600809 C8,08126,229
2920.111ZHEJIANG HISUN PHARMACEUT600267 C9,00025,767
2930.111CHINA SCHOLARS GROUP CO -8,80025,798
2940.111DATANG TELECOM TECH CO600198 C8,20025,896
2950.11ZHEJIANG BEINGMATE TECHNO002570 C9,46725,699
2960.109WINTIME ENERGY CO LTD-A600157 C32,80025,425
2970.108HENGKANG MEDICAL GROUP002219 C5,70025,228
2980.107XIZANG HAISCO PHARM-A002653 C6,71524,848
2990.105ZHEJIANG NHU CO LTD-A002001 C10,10024,566
3000.102ZHANGZHOU PIENTZEHUANG PH600436 C1,49423,867
3010.1HUMANWELL HEALTHCARE GROU600079 C4,90023,251
3020.1CHINA NATIONAL ACCORD MED000028 C2,90023,312
3030.099DA AN GENE CO LTD SUN YAT5,10023,053
3040.098HEFEI MEIYA OPTOELECTRON002690 C3,10022,883
3050.097FUJIAN LONGKING CO LTD-A600388 C3,98122,700
3060.096GUIZHOU YIBAI PHARMACEUTI600594 C3,70022,319
3080.087HUNAN DAKANG PASTURE FARM17,90020,356
3090.085MEIDU HOLDINGS CO LTD600175 C22,80019,783
3100.083SICHUAN CHENGFEI002190 C3,20019,287
3110.074ZHEJIANG HAILIANG CO -A12,00017,264
3120.069SHANXI LANHUA SCI-TECH-A600123 C10,58616,175
3130.032SHANGHAI CHENGTOU HOLDING600649 C6,4757,466

Holdings are subject to change.

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2014 Distributions

Ex-DateRecord DatePayable DateAmount
12/26/14 12/30/14 12/31/2014 $0.050048

There is no guarantee that dividends will be paid. To receive the distribution, you must be a registered shareholder of the ETF on the record date, and must have placed the ETF trade prior to the ex-date. Distributions are paid to shareholders on the payable date. Past distributions are not indicative of future trends. Please consult your tax professional or financial advisor for more information regarding your tax situation.