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China’s 12th Five-Year Plan

by Fan Gang & HE Liping

What is the Five-Year Plan?

The Five Year Plan is a strategic blueprint issued by the Chinese government providing a closely followed framework of economic policies and priorities.

Why is the Five-Year Plan Important?

The implementation of previous Five Year Plans have proven to be watershed events which have significantly altered the direction of China’s economy. The 12th Five Year Plan provides every indication that the effects will be just as dramatic.

What is the 12th Five Year Plan?

The Chinese Government’s 12th Five Year Plan was implemented to focus on transforming China from an export driven economy to one built upon consumer driven growth. In order to bring this change about the Five Year Plan has identified key industries to target for development and support.

China’s 12th Five Year Plan White Paper Overview:

In this piece Dr. Fan Gang analyzes key aspects of China’s Five Year Plan and offers insights into how it can potentially benefit US investors. The white paper covers the following key components of the Five Year Plan:


Beginning with the early days of the Plan’s inception where it focused primarily on heavy industry and factories, up to today’s 12th Five Year plan focused on building consumer driven growth. The piece explains the Five Year Plans’ goals, how they were accomplished, and how they have evolved into today’s current plan.


The Five-Year Plan is implemented through extensive cooperation between ministry-level bodies. Dr Fan provides a summary of the role and function of each key player. Understanding the government bodies that carry out the plan helps the reader understand its current and historical effectiveness in shaping China’s economy and society.

Goals and potential benefits to focus industries

Finally Dr Fan provides a clear outline of the goals of China’s current 12th Five-Year Plan and highlights how established and emerging industries are poised to benefit during it’s term.

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About the Author


Dr. Fan Gang is one of China’s most influential economists and a respected adviser to the country’s leadership on economic reform and strategic development. He is an expert in the macroeconomics of long-term development, international trade and currency, foreign relations and China’s regional integration within Asia. He speaks on China’s financial risk and financial systems reform, foreign exchange regimes and revaluation, and on China’s economic reform and globalization.