China Suite Introduction Video


Hi, my name is Brendan Ahern I’m the Chief Investment Officer of KraneShares Exchange Traded Funds.

Why should investors consider allocating to China today?

China looks, from a relative perspective, very attractive to other significant equity opportunity sets such as the United States, Europe, as well as other parts of Asia. You have high inflation across the globe, and that's leading central banks in the United States, in Europe, across Asia, to be raising interest rates as well as quantitatively tightening. Now at the same time, we have a very interesting situation in China where inflation is very low. Therefore, the central bank is not tightening, but actually easing. And those are typically things that are a tailwind for equity investors.

Can you tell us about the KraneShares China ETF Suite?

KraneShares is able to provide a unique product set that appeals to a global investor. And for that reason, you have investors from across the globe coming to KraneShares for the unique insights, as well as the unique exposures within our exchange traded funds. We provide exposure to these growth elements of China's economy and capital markets that really get left out of many other definitions of China.

How can investors stay informed on the Chinese market?

KraneShares is much more than just a provider of China Exchange Traded Funds. We want to provide the data and research that allows investors to invest with confidence in China. In order to help investors navigate the US-China political relationship we’ve brought in illustrious former diplomats such as Henry Kissinger, Terry Branstad, the U.S., ambassador to China under President Trump, and more recently, Jessica Chen Weiss, who served with Antony Blinken as a senior advisor in the State Department. It all comes back to when investors are thinking about China, they should be thinking about how can KraneShares help me make a prudent investment decision when it comes to China.

In order to stay informed Investors can sign up and subscribe at for our fund specific ETF research. They can also sign up and subscribe at for a daily review of what happened in China's stock market. Thank you very much.