Is Carbon Poised for a Breakout Year in 2023?

Winter 2023 KraneShares Climate Report

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Carbon markets are more in focus than ever. In just this past year, regulators have worked extensively on policy reform across all four major compliance markets, introducing new measures that further tighten allowance supply, which could provide upward pressure on prices. At the same time, global markets continue to expand. In the US, Washington state launched its program at the start of 2023, while Pennsylvania and North Carolina are moving toward joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Program (RGGI).

Theme Highlight: Carbon Poised for a Breakout Year in 2023?

In this winter’s Climate Report, we examine “Is Carbon Poised for a Breakout Year in 2023?” and key drivers for each major carbon allowance market, including policy reform, geopolitical dynamics, and energy supply. With new clarity in the markets, we believe it’s time investors take a second look at their carbon allocations.

Additional Climate Report Contents:

  • Climate Suite Performance and Futures Pricing Tables
  • Carbon Market Recap & Outlook
  • Theme Highlight: Is Carbon Poised for a Breakout Year in 2023? 
  • KGHG Quarterly Commentary
  • Electrification Metals Update
  • Carbon Correlations, Market Modeling & Performance